Remove All Installed Programs to Restore Fresh Windows Installation State

Very recently, I wrote a guide on how to improve your computer’s speed in 5 easy steps. One step that I excluded from that review was uninstalling applications. While this step possibly improves system speed, doing so for each and every installed application can be quite time-consuming. Fortunately for Windows users, the entire uninstallation process can now be conveniently automated with the help of a tool called “Decrap My Computer.”

Decrap My Computer 01

‘Decrap My Computer’ is an excellent freeware application for computers that are running the Windows OS. Its function is to help you easily get rid of the installed applications on your computer; batch-removal is made possible through the app’s automation features. Using this tool is just what you need if you annoyed by all of the bloatware that comes installed on a new computer. The application can also easily detect all of your non-Windows programs and remove them; this step can easily restore your computer to its fresh Windows installation state.

You can start using ‘Decrap My Computer’ by first downloading and installing its setup file that is sized at nearly 5.5 MB. When you open the app for the first time, it creates some cache files so that future app startups occur faster.

Decrap My Computer 02

After this step, you are shown options to enter the fully automated mode. This option automatically removes all applications that you installed after installing Windows. You can choose what happens after the uninstallation has been carried out: the application can be closed, the computer can be restarted, or the computer can be shutdown. In case you do not want to have all applications removed, you can uncheck the fully automated method checkbox and have the application populate a list of installed programs. You are shown a loading GIF as the software list is populated.

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Decrap My Computer 03

The subsequent window displays all of the items that are available for uninstallation from your computer. A total count of the installed programs is shown in the top right of the window. You can mark the checkboxes against the apps that you want to have uninstalled.

Decrap My Computer 04

If you scroll to the bottom of the list, you find Windows-related programs; these apps are unchecked by default because they might have come with your Windows installation or they might play an essential role in the smooth functioning of Windows. However you are free to select these applications for removal, if you feel that their presence is unnecessary.

Decrap My Computer 05

When the entire process is complete, remember to clean the registry and the temporary files from your computer, as I outlined in the 5 easy steps. With everything done, you will successfully return your computer to its fresh Windows installation state.

Check out “Decrap My Computer” by clicking here.



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