Ninite: The Quick and Easy Way to Install Windows Software in Batches

When you buy a new computer or reinstall Windows there is always one arduous task to face — installing all of the software you use. This means installing the web browser you prefer, making sure that you have virus protection, ensuring a media player is available, and so much more. Ninite is a great free service that can be used to make the installation process a great deal quicker and simpler.

Forget having to visit website after website in order to download all of the necessary installers. Forget having to spend ages running through the installation of all of the programs you need. These are things that NInite can take care of for you. But more than this — it will also ensure that your apps are kept up to date.

Pay a visit to the Ninite website, scroll down the page slightly and tick the boxes next to all of the programs you are interested in. The service enables you to create your own perfect software installer so all of the apps you choose here can be installed by running a single setup file.


In the list you will find everything from office suites and music players to security tools and essential plugins. When you’ve selected everything you would like to install, click the Get Installer button.


An executable will be compiled for you that contains the setup files for all of the software you have chosen.

Should you find that the download does not start for you automatically, click the retry the download link.

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You might be surprised to discover just how small the compiled installer is. This is because it does not contain setup files for all of the applications you have chosen, but instead makes use of scripts to automatically download and run the latest versions of all of the installers.


Each of the installers will be downloaded one after the other, and the installation process for each selected applications will start automatically — there is no need to keep clicking next, and no need to select any options as everything is taken care of for you.


If you already happen to have some software installed, it does not matter. Ninite will check to see whether you have the very latest version of a program installed, update it if necessary, or just skip it if you are already up to date.


In terms of getting software installed, that’s really all there is to it – you can be up and running in next to no time. As all of the installations run automatically one after the other, you are free to get on with other things while your software is sorted out for you.

There is also a Pro version of Ninite that can be used to ensure that your software remains up to date once you have it installed, but for most people, the free version will suffice. Let us know how you get on!



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