Bing Brings More Wallpaper Packs to Mac

Apple attempts to make its OSX operating system sacred ground, but invasions do happen. The latest comes from a rather familiar rival that resides in Redmond, Washington and is known for a certain competing operating system. In other words, Microsoft continues to insinuate itself into Apple territory, with the latest incursion coming from search engine Bing.

The software giant is rolling out its latest wallpaper packs, and targeting Mac with a direct hit. Technically, these are known as themes — a familiar term to anyone who has used Windows. The company releases many of these through its Personalization Gallery, a place customers can linger for hours while agonizing over which to select to fit both taste and personality — shall I opt for game, movie, photography, season, holiday….there is an almost endless array of choices.

bing astralia wild and wondeful screensaver

Mac customers are not quite so lucky, but the computer king does throw a bone now and again. This time it comes in the form of Bing themes being doled out to customers of its rival OS maker.

The latest push carries along three new themes that are hot off of the presses and tailor-made for the Mac fan in your life. Rob Margel, of Microsoft, announces “A while back I posted about the Bing Wallpaper pack for Mac, well there are now 3 more Bing wallpaper packs for Mac users”. But what do you get?

There are three new themes packed into this release, though each is a separate download and installation. We shall begin our tour with Arctic Icebergs —  a chilling prospect given that summer is upon us in the northern hemisphere. Microsoft describes the theme as “7 gorgeous Bing homepage images. Grab it from Arctic Icebergs.

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Next on tap is Canyons, which also features seven classic images pulled from the daily pictures that appear on Bing as backgrounds and seem to capture the imagination of customers. If this is your cup of tean then point your browser at Canyons to get your very own copy.

Finally, Microsoft debuts Classic Cars and, what is not to love about nostalgia? At the risk of sounding as if I have transformed into a broken record, this theme also contains seven images for your desktop pleasure.


If you are a Windows users then you will find many more options for your computer desktop theme needs, but Mac users can take solace in the fact they will not be shut out entirely from great Bing images.



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