Instant RSS Search: A New Search Engine To Find your Favorite RSS Feeds

Recently Google shutdown its Google Reader service on July 1, 2013. The shutdown announcement was made two months back and many RSS applications has started updating their features. Also new RSS applications were developed for mobile devices and web. Following that, we got a new web application called Instant RSS Search, to search your RSS feeds on different topics. This is a search engine for RSS feeds of different blogs and websites, where you can find the feed links on various topics.


In RSS feeds, for subscriptions either you need to go to the blog or search them from your RSS reader  to subscribe for the feeds. In that case you may miss some of the good blogs, who gives interesting information about the topic you like. In mobile applications like Flipboard, Pulse, etc., you can search feeds based on various categories but those results are very limited and it features only the famous blogs in those categories. In order to overcome all these things, you can use this Instant RSS Search application in your PC and mobile devices to find the blog feeds quickly and easily.

You can go the application using the link below. In home page, you can see the sample search queries to find your favorite feeds easily. It has different types of queries to find the feeds based on various search categories. First, you can use different keywords to find the feeds based on that topic. Next you can narrow down your search to a particular blog and even search for a specific keyword in a blog using the search queries.

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Not only feeds, you can also search for Podcasts from Revision 3. Also you can search all the Google accounts in Twitter using the application. In all the search results, you have options to preview the feeds right from the application. It will save your time as well as helps you to find the right feed link. It is an excellent application, developed by Amit Agarwal, a famous technical blogger in India. It will be very helpful for people who wants to read a wide variety of blogs on various topics. Try this application and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading and you can subscribe to our blog feed using this link. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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