Cotton Tracks for Chrome Gives a Reference on your Browsing History

Browser history and bookmarks are pretty important for people who work online. Especially developers, bloggers, etc., needs a quick reference of the websites they have visited. Regular bookmarks and Browser history gives you a rough data but Cotton Tracks for Chrome, organizes everything you browse. Instead of creating plenty of bookmarks folders, just install this extension, sit back and browse all your most visited and important links as stories in your browser.

Once you install the extension you can see a “C” icon near the address bar on the right top corner of your browser. As soon as you install the app, it will start organizing your history. The links which you have frequently visited, bookmarked links and everything. Instead of searching on your bookmarks, go to a particular webpage and click the “C” icon on your Chrome, it will grab all the links on your browser history related to that particular web page. For instance, here I’ve opened our blog’s page and clicked the cotton tracks icon. In the main page I’ve got the currently opened tab’s information and stories related to that particular website in other tabs of the browser.


To get more information about that webpage, click on “All Stories” in that page. Here in this extension, all the links related to that particular webpage are called as cards. The total number of cards is the number of links related to that. Just click on the cards to see all the links you have visited. Instead of searching on your entire browsing history and bookmarks, this gives a comfortable way of looking into the data and narrow down your search easily.

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It is an intelligent extension, which automatically analyze the pages you visit and put them in separate categories. So once you visit the webpage again and click the Cotton Track icon, it will grab all the links related to that. This will be very helpful in future reference of your browsing data. Try this in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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