How to Easily Get MP3 Songs with “CompSoft’s Free Music Downloader” [Windows]

There are three essential ingredients that make up by workspace: my laptop, caffeine, and good music. That last ingredient is arguably true for countless other people. This is because we love music and we play it not just for fun, but also during work. Many times, we cannot get into the working mood unless we have one of our favorite songs playing in the background. Unfortunately, it is not always that we have our favorite songs stored on our computer.

When you do not have a song on your computer, you begin searching the many MP3 websites to look for your favorite song. However there are situations when you do not have the time to jump from one site to another to find your favorite song; at such times you can simply use the nifty application called “CompSoft’s Free Music Downloader” to quickly get the music you want.

CompSoft's Free Music Downloader 01

“CompSoft’s Free Music Downloader” is a freeware application for computers that are running Windows. The function of the application is to help you find your favorite music. The source that is used by the app to look for music covers a wide variety of music websites. After you have downloaded and extracted the app’s setup ZIP archive (which is sized at nearly 9.5 MB), you only have to open the extracted EXE to run the application – there is no installation required. In the main window, you just type in the name of the song or artist within the top text area. By default, there are a few web source selected to look for the music but you can specify exactly which source to use through the dropdown next to the text area.

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CompSoft's Free Music Downloader 02

When the search results are populated, you can click on one and begin downloading it. Currently downloading songs have their download progress shown as a percentage alongside the song title. Songs that have already been downloaded appear grayed out in the results.

CompSoft's Free Music Downloader 03

The application’s options let you specify the system folder in which your files are downloaded. Furthermore, you have the option to download the cover art with the songs. You can set the options so that any audio downloaded audio file that is in a non-MP3 format will be converted to the MP3 file format. Simultaneous downloads and automation of downloads through a database are further features that are offered by the application.

CompSoft's Free Music Downloader 04

In conclusion, the application provides a multitude of audio downloading features in a single package and with not price tag attached. For music lovers, it does not get any better than this!

You can check out “CompSoft’s Free Music Downloader” over here.



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