How to Perform Pings, Traceroutes, and Various Other Network Tests from Windows

Webmasters often find themselves conducting a series of network tests either for their own websites or the sites of a competitor. These tests not only reveal whether or not a website is online, but they also reveal if the network they are using has any problems associated with it.

Amongst the network tests that are mentioned above, there are pings, traceroutes, WHOIS information lookups, DNS lookups, reverse DNS lookups, and more. Normally, people would go to a web application for these tasks as there are many who provide this functionality. Most users, however, will find that a desktop application that offers a suite of all these tests is a far more convenient option. If you belong to this category of users, then you should definitely try out the amazing desktop application called “NetToolset.”

NetToolset 001

NetToolset is an excellent freeware application for computers that are running Windows. The function of the application is to provide you with various network-related tests that can be conducted right from your desktop, without having to open any web browser. You can begin using the application by first downloading and installing its setup file that is sized at nearly 14 MB. Once this step is complete, you can open the application; you will find that each tab corresponds to a different type of network test. The first test is perhaps the most commonly used one: pings (see image above). In addition to the hostname, you can specify the ping rounds, reply timeout, the time between each round, and the number of bytes. The results are neatly shown in the areas provided. A full copy of the populated results or a compact copy can be exported to an HTML file from within the application.

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NetToolset 002

“DNS Lookup” is another test that provides the test conductor with the DNS information of a particular hostname. The application makes carrying out this test very easy by asking you to specify only the hostname. You can further specify the type of record for the test. Supported types include ‘all’, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SRV, and TXT.

NetToolset 003

Similarly, Reverse DNS Lookup, Blacklist Lookup, and Port Scan tests are offered by the app. One test that people will find particularly useful is the Domain WHOIS information test. The WHOIS information basically contains nearly everything a webmaster would want to find out about a website: who the site belongs to, where it is registered, etc.

NetToolset 004

As you can see, NetToolset greatly simplifies the process of conducting network-related website tests. Users who perform these tests by jumping from one testing website to another will find this application to be a greatly convenient alternative. For webmasters who are using Windows, the app is a must-have.

You can get NetToolset from here.



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