View and Log your PC’s Health with ‘System Monitor II’

I have disabled desktop gadgets on my Windows 7 system. I feel that these gadgets clutter the desktop and often do not provide as much utility as one would hope for. But I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong by the system health monitoring gadget called “System Monitor II.”

System Monitor II 01

System Monitor II is a free to use desktop gadget that is compatible with Windows computers. The function of this application is to let users monitor the performance of their system. Unlike similar gadgets that provide an overview of only the CPU or memory usage (usually on a seemingly analog meter), this application provides a thorough breakdown of various aspects of your system. The image above is what the gadget looks like on your system. It is in the top right corner in the image, although you can drag to reposition it anyplace you would like it to be on your desktop. Here is what a close-up  of the gadget looks like:

System Monitor II 02

As you can see, there are a lot of sections present on the gadget that correspond to various system processes / aspects. The top section is dedicated to memory usage, the midsection shows graphs, the bottom section shows CPU information. The data in this gadget is updated in real time over the course of your computer usage. If you would like greater control over what the application displays or what it looks like, you can access its options. The first set of options let you select a particular CPU core to monitor.

System Monitor II 03

You can have the graphs present on the gadget appear on a single plot, if you would like to get a comparison view.

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System Monitor II 04

If your processor has the temperature reading feature, then you can enable it in the app’s preferences. This lets you view the temperature of your CPU cores on the gadget’s interface.

System Monitor II 05

There might be users who are satisfied by the functionality of the application but who might want to change how the application looks. For them, System Monitor II provides a simple way to change the colors that are shown on its interface.

System Monitor II 06

If you are away from your computer, then you might want to log the data is monitored by the application. This can be done via the gadget’s options by specifying the logging interval, along with the precise information that you want to include in the log.

System Monitor II 07

Any Windows users who is looking for a competent system monitoring application will be extremely pleased with this app. Not only is it highly competent, but it also provides color customizations and data logging, all the while being completely unobtrusive.

You can get ‘System Monitor II’ from here.



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