Colour Surprise – Give your Digital Images a Visually Appealing Hue through Randomization

Facebook and Instagram are only two of the countless websites that enable us to share our digital images online. For most people, these websites serve excellently because the point of digital images, for them, is to share them with others. But before the images are uploaded, people try to increase their visual appeal through various digital photo effects and image filters. There are numerous freeware, shareware, and premium applications that are dedicated only to the purpose of image editing.

If you use such an image editing application to spice up your photos, you might already know how difficult it can be to decide which image filter / effect to choose for a particular photo. “Colour Surprise” is an application that is here to make the job easier by taking the decision out of your hand and simply randomizing it.

Colour Surprise 01

The function of this freeware application for Windows is add a random hue to your digital images. you can simply click on the Randomize button and keep on clicking on it till you reach a view that you find visually appealing enough to share with others. You can begin using the application by first downloading and installing its setup file that is sized at nearly 2 MB. When you open the tool, you can have digital images in most formats opened in its window. In the top right corner, you will find buttons to randomize the hue. Since most users will quickly keep on clicking the button to achieve desired results, they might accidentally skip a hue that they like. If this happens, simply click on the Revert button to see which hues have been generated earlier.

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Colour Surprise 02

Other options provided by the application include zooming into your images. Zooming out is also supported. If you resize the dimensions of the application, you can have the image fit its space easily by clicking the Fit button. A Copy button lets you copy the generated image to the clipboard. This enables users to use the image in their projects and text editors without having to separately save the resultant image.

Colour Surprise 03

Once you settle on a hue and you decide to keep the results, you can use the Save button on the application. This opens up a window in which you can choose the name and output format of the resultant image. Supported output formats include JPG, GIF, TIF, PCX, PNG, BMP, and TGA.

Colour Surprise 04

In conclusion, “Colour Surprise” is a nifty lightweight application that will definitely serve a lot of people. Particularly people who want to improve their digital images without having to go through complicated controls will find this tool to be helpful.

You can get “Colour Surprise” from here.



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