Easily Combine Multiple URLs into A Single One

Sharing multiple URLS with anyone can be a little bit problematic as you have to copy paste multiple links and paste them in an email or IM. Even if that’s not the case, opening multiple URLs can save some time. This will help the recipient open multiple URLS with a single click and saves time.

To help you shorten URLS, we have gathered a list of few handy websites that can help users combine multiple links into a single URL. Take a look.


BridgeURL is a very handy online utility that allows users to combine and open multiple links simultaneously. The application has a very simple and intuitive interface that can be used by any user, no matter if he is a professional or amateur.


To get started, all you need to do is paste all the URLS you want to combine (one URL per line) and click on Create Link.  Do note that you must write the complete URL and enter “http” or “https” before every URL. It will show you a short URL which can be opened by anyone. It will open all the URLs in a single tab and you can manually switch between the sites.


Check out BridgeURL


Just like BridgeURL, MultiURL is another useful service that makes combining URLs simple and easy. All you need to do is paste the URLs of the websites you want to combine along with their names and Click on Submit. Before you do that, you can even group the links and or create an account on MultiURL to keep track of all the links you have combined.

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After combining, the service offers users with 3 different links: one which shows the list of all the combined URLs, one will open a random link from the list while the last one will show you all the sites one by one. It will show you a toolbar on top of the page which can be used to navigate to different websites.


From the summary page, you can even keep track of how many people clicked the combined links and get statistics. To perform any action from there, you must sign up for an account on MultiURL.


Check out MultiURL


Last but not the least, Fur.ly allows users to combine multiple URLs into a single link. All you need to do is enter the URLs you want to combine, give it a name and you are done. It will give you a short URL which can be shared with anyone.


You can try if the link is working or not by click on “Try this” button. It will show you all the pages along with Fur.ly toolbar which can be used to navigate to different sites that are in the list.

Check out Fur.ly


There you go folks. These are some handy web applications that can help users combine multiple URLs with a single click. If you think we missed any application from the list, feel free to share it with us using the comments below.



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