Create a Temporary Email Address with MailDrop for Spam-Free Account Signups

There are countless websites that require you to create an account in order to access content. In many case you may well not mind handing over your real email address, but there are plenty of times when you might prefer not to. Using a disposable email address is a great way to enter competitions, sign up for forums, and much more, all without the associated worry of spam.

There are a few disposable email services to choose from, but MailDrop is one that can be up and running in next to no time.

When you find that you need a new email address that you can keep completely separate from your main account, pay a visit to the MailDrop website.


Move down the page slightly to the Make up your own e-mail address section and enter your desired email address in the empty field before clicking Go.


You’ll notice that there is no password to enter, and no other form of authentication; just choose the email address you want to use and you’re in.

While this is great in one sense — you don’t have to worry about your preferred email address being unavailable — it does also mean that anyone could access your disposable inbox.

You’ll notice that the interface for MailDrop is very simple. There are no fancy features at all, just a Reload button that can be used to check for new messages.


When you receive an email, just click its subject line to view it — but bear in mind that all you will be able to do is read the message, as there is no way to reply to messages sent to this address.

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Your disposable email address does has limitations. It cannot hold emails that have attachments, there is no way to send emails from it, and there is a limit of ten messages at any one time. This is never going to be — as is not meant to be — a replacement for the likes of Gmail, but it is very useful service to have available when you don’t want to share your real email address.

We’ve mentioned that because there is no need to enter a password to access your disposable inbox, anyone is able to view messages sent to it. Security is not a major priority for MailDrop — although there is a spam-blocking feature — but it you want to share your disposable email address without revealing the location of your inbox, scroll right down to the bottom of the MailDrop page.


Here you can see the alias for your disposable address. Any emails sent to this alias will be delivered to the same inbox but masks the actual address.

Have you got any great uses for disposable email addresses? Share your thoughts and experiences below.



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