Instalnspine: Simple Photo Editing App With Audio Recording Feature

When it comes to photo editing applications for iOS, there are literally hundreds of applications available in the App Store. Some allow users to add multiple effects to their photos while some manipulates images on their iOS device. Majority of applications perform the same function, i-e add effects to photos, apply filters or manipulate them in one way or another. There are hardly any applications that bring any new feature at the table.

I am a big fan of photo editing apps,and the number of such apps installed on my iPhone is way more than any other genre. The main reason behind it is because I like to shoot pictures and edit them immediately after capturing them. I am always scouring the App Store for new apps and recently, I came across a very handy photo editing application, Instalnspire, that allow users to edit photos, add effects, frames, and add backgrounds, a library of captions to choose from and much more. The most intriguing feature of this application is that you can attach audio notes with the images as well.


To get started, simply go to App Store and install Instalnspine for your device. The application is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. After installing, you have the option of opening a picture from your camera roll or you can capture a new photo. After loading the image, click on the arrow button at the bottom of the screen to bring up the toolbar. You can add effects, frames, text and much more with a few simple taps. The application has a built-in library of multiple frames and backgrounds that you can add to your photos.

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You can even add captures to your photos by using the Text feature. Just tap on Text and add the text you want to add to your image. From the same set of tools, you can add an array of effects to your images.


The most interesting feature I found in this application is that you can add audio notes to your images as well. Just tab on Audio and it will open a recorder within the app which can be used to save any message that you want with the image.


After editing, the image can be shared via email or on Twitter and Facebook.


Overall, Instalnspine is a very different photo editing application. The only thing that annoys me is the number of ads that are integrated with the application. You get many popups after a certain time periods when you are working within the application. But if you don’t like the ads, you can always pay a few bucks and upgrade to the premium version that costs $0.99. Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried Instalnspine.

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