5 Best Free Android Apps of 2013

There are millions of applications available for Android, choosing a right one  for your Smartphone is really tedious. Since most of the Android phones don’t have enough internal storage, it is important to choose your apps wisely also you cannot install all the apps in your SD card. If you pick a category or a particular task, there will be more than hundreds of apps. People always get confused of choosing a right one. To help them we have reviewed plenty of best Android apps and today I came with a set of new Android apps released this year. Let’s have a look at those apps below.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a notes app and it is a straight competitor for Evernote. It is a cloud based notes application, which gives plenty of options to carry and sync different type of notes in your Google drive. Instead of choosing a separate service to keep all your notes, using Google Keep, you can keep them in Google drive and sync with all your Android devices and PC. It has  Home Screen widgets, Color-coded notes and all those features in Evernote is also available in Google Keep. You can easily send unwanted notes to Archive and turn a note into a Checklist by adding check boxes.

Download Google Keep


There are plenty of task managing apps for Android, Any.do is quite different and gives you plenty of options to manage different activities on your Smartphone. The interface is very simple and you can easily understand to create and mange your tasks. You can create a list of tasks and sync them to different devices. The repeated tasks will be highlighted, you can have a missed call directory and using gestures you can complete certain actions on app. It supports speech recognition and you can snooze tasks to complete them without missing it.

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Download Any.do


Bump is a very famous App, which was first introduced for iOS to share contents between iPhones. Now it is available for Android, where you can share photos, contacts, apps, files, etc. It has an interesting gesture to transfer the files between two devices. If you and your friend are holding the phone, you both need to bump your hands to transfer the files. It is an interesting app and also you can share any amount of data to another Android device. Now  you can use Bump on your PC web browsers by visiting to the url  http://bu.mp.


Download Bump


Kicksend is must have app for mobile Photography lovers. You can’t keep all the photos you have taken in your mobile. Some of them you need to take a printout or save them in a cloud storage. Kicksend makes your job so easy and helps you send any number of photos from your mobile phone to print or any cloud storage services with a click. Also you can send photos as a single link to your friends email address and they can either view or download the photos easily.


Download Kicksend

Current Caller ID

Current Caller ID is one of the must have apps for all the Android users. It captures the true identity and location, when you receive a call or text message from an unknown number. Not only providing the information, it also has an option to block that particular number. Also when you get a call from the person in your contact list, it will pull the Facebook and Twitter updates of that person on the screen. This is a great app to get rid of those telemarketing calls and unwanted text messages on your Android mobile.

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Try these apps in your mobile phone and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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