Create Hotkey Shortcuts for Textual Phrases, URLs, and Programs [Windows]

I spend a lot of time on my computer every day. Over the course of my computer usage, there are numerous phrases and sentences that recur during my typing. I imagine that is true for anybody who uses a computer regularly. For example, you might be sending emails all day and you have to retype your email signature for every email; another example is when developers retype a piece of code in various source files.

To effectively solve the abovementioned problem, you need an application that works on text fields that are present anywhere in Windows. “TyperTask” is a freeware app provides precisely this functionality along with numerous other features to open URLs and programs through hotkey shortcuts.

TyperTask 01

You begin using TyperTask by downloading its setup application. The setup file is sized at nearly 50 KB and it does not require any installation. When you open the app, it presents you with a list of instructions. Basically, the app has its own syntax that you can follow to effectively replace short pieces of text with longer ones. In the image above, the instructions section is highlighted within the red rectangle. Take a minute and read the instructions in the rectangle.

So if you want type “hth” in any text area on Windows while TyperTask is running, the text will be automatically converted to “Hope this helps!” You can create as many entries as you want to create such hotkey shortcuts for textual phrases or even entire passages.

TyperTask 02

As far as URLs are concerned, you can set hotkey shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ Any Alphabet On The Keyboard) to have a custom URL opened in your web browser quickly. This functionality splendidly helps out when you want to quickly open your favorite websites.

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Another feature offered by the application is hotkey shortcuts to open certain programs. Furthermore, you can have text delivered to the program once it is opened. For example, you can set hotkey shortcuts for your text editor to open and display your predefined text.

TyperTask 03

If you plan on using TyperTask frequently, then it will be best to initialize it with your system’s startup. You can do this through its Options menu.

TyperTask 04

Overall, TyperTask provides a very effective way to cut down on the time that average computer users spend on typing long texts repeatedly. The app particularly helps developers in reusing lengthy code without having to retype it. For average users, the app will prove to be most beneficial when it comes to quickly opening URLs and programs.

You can get TyperTask from here {direct download URL}.



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