MightyText: Lets you Send and Receive Text Messages from Android Tablets and PC

After WhatsApp and iMessage came in to existence, usage of normal text messages in the Smartphone has went down. Especially for Android, Nokia and Windows Phone users WhatsApp is a big gift and it helps people to share not only the text messages also the photos, videos and much more. Also these Instant messengers goes more social with these apps like Pingbox. Though we moved text messages to instant messages still many people need those regular text messages to contact people. It will be pretty easier if we can send and receive text messages from different devices. MightyText, is a new Android app which fulfills that dream of many to sync their text messages between different Android devices, PC and Web.


You can download the separate applications for your Android Phone, Tablets and PC using the link below. Before you install the app in your PC and Tablet, you should download and configure the application in your mobile phone. Using that Android Phone’s number you can register the app in your PC and Tablets. For PC, there is no separate desktop application, MightyText is available as an extension for all the leading browsers also you can use the web  log in to text your friends. So wherever you are, if you have an Internet connection you can send and receive text messages from your Android phone’s number.


One of the important advantage of this application is you can sync photos and videos to your from your Android phone to PC. There are other few apps available in PlayStore to do this Photo and video sync from Android but using MightyText you will get this feature as an add-on with this application. It is very similar to the concept of iMessage and iCloud for iOS devices. You take a snap in your mobile phone and it will pop-up in your PC in just seconds. MightyText will also sync your contacts to the application. So it will be easy for you pick them and text from different devices.

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MightyText team is working on the separate application for PC and Mac also they are developing a plugin for Gmail. Using that you can send and receive text messages from your Gmail account. The app is still in beta stage and much more features were coming up. So try this app on your Android devices and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with  your friends.

Download MightyText for Android Phone and Tablets

Download Mighty Text for PC



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