SafeIP: Anonymously Surf the Internet and Open Region-Restricted Websites [Windows]

Today, I shall tell you about an excellent IP-masking application called “SafeIP.” But why would you want to mask your IP address in the first place? Here are a few reasons why:

There are a large number of websites that are specific to a certain region. The webmasters of these sites restrict their access to users of a certain geographical IP address. For example, Hulu is accessible only from within the United States. To get around such region-restricted website restrictions, people use a technique called “IP address masking” which is basically disguising your IP address by using a proxy server.

Masking your IP address does not only provide you access to region-restricted websites, but it also serves the purpose of opening websites that are blocked by your ISP. In Pakistan, for instance, YouTube is blocked. But users simply use IP-masking applications to circumvent the ISP and access the sites they want. Furthermore, websites that track your online activities through your IP address cannot violate your privacy if your IP address is disguised.

Thus IP-masking lets you access region-restricted websites, browse the internet anonymous, and access websites that are blocked by your ISP. Now comes the question “Which IP-masking utility should you go for?”

In this area, you will find that the internet has many solutions to offer. Amongst desktop applications, one commonly heard name is “HotSpot Shield.” While that app is a wonderful premium tool, its free version has a lot of room for improvement. If you are looking for something that is absolutely free yet powerfully effective, you should go for an app called “SafeIP.”

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SafeIP 01

SafeIP is a freeware application for Windows computers. The function of the application is to mask your IP address and provide it with an IP address from a geographical location that you choose. You begin by downloading and running the app’s installation package. Once you open the installed app, you can choose a location and click on the green CONNECT button to mask your IP address. The new IP address is displayed on the application. To change the IP again without reverting to your original IP, you simply click on the CHANGE IP button.

SafeIP 02

A balloon notification in the System Tray shows you which IP address (and from where) you have been assigned. Once this notification appears, you can easily browse region-restricted websites and ISP-blocked websites.

SafeIP 03

In addition to this basic IP-masking feature, the app lets you set numerous specifications from its Settings to improve your browsing experience. For example, you can protect yourself against cookie tracking, advertisements, malware, browser ID tracking, and more. You can also have your IP address automatically changed after a certain number of minutes have passed.

SafeIP 04

Optimization options of the application let you choose between online anonymity, fast content streaming, and mass / bulk emailing.

SafeIP 05

Non-native English speakers will be delighted to know that SafeIP comes in various languages; you can select your language under the Language tab of the application.

SafeIP 06

All of the abovementioned are offered by the application for free. Two features, however, are offered only in the PRO version of the application; these features are appropriated optimization for anonymous torrent downloads and Wi-Fi protection. The PRO version will cost users $29.95. While the option to upgrade is always available, you will find that the free options of SafeIP will fulfill all of your IP-masking requirements.

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You can get “SafeIP” from here.



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