Easily Schedule Downloads in Mozilla Firefox

If you are looking for a simple way to schedule downloads to start at a specific time, try Download Scheduler for Mozilla Firefox. What this extension, Firefox users can easily schedule downloads to start and pause at specific time. In case the website you are trying to download the file from doesn’t support resume feature, it will automatically commence the download in case of internet failure or for any reason for that matter.

Once installed, the extension adds a “Schedule Link As” option in the Firefox context menu. To schedule a download, just visit the website from where you want to download any file, right click on the download link and click on Schedule Link As. It will ask you to specify the name and select the location where you want to save the file.


To schedule the timer, we must go to the addon’s settings. To do so, go to Addons Manager by pressing CTRL + Shift + A and open Download Scheduler’s options. It will open the timer and will ask you to specify the start time and the pause time. If you want, you can just check the start time only and click OK. Otherwise, just tick the Enabled check box and pause the download at a given time. The only thing I don’t like is that there is no manual resume option. The downloads resume automatically at their start times which can be changed at any time.


Download Scheduler is a very useful Firefox extension for all those users who want to start and stop downloads at specific times. This can be very useful for those users who have restrictions imposed by their ISPs such as unlimited data download from 1am-11am etc. It does what it says but there are a few things that must be fixed. Users may get furious when they find out that downloads doesn’t go through the default download manager and you cannot cancel the download until and unless you close your browser. What I think is that the developer should take notice of these errors and I am sure it would become a very useful extension.

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