How to Remove ‘Search.US’ Malware from Your Web Browsers [Windows]

If you have recently installed an application that reset your homepage to, then you should definitely read this article to learn how to remove this nuisance.

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It is not an easy task to create applications for computers. A desktop app developer has to dedicate a lot of his / her time solely to the development of his / her application project. After the initial release, extensive testing is carried out and patches are developed for the app. The cost of all this is nearly impossible to meet when the application is made a freeware. This is where developers compromise and make their freeware aps ad-supported or let sponsors add their application installation to the setup package.

Unfortunately, some of these extra software that are included in the setup soon act as malware and take over your browser’s settings. Resetting your homepage to a URL, adding a toolbar to your browsers, and running a process in the background are all common behaviors that annoy computer users.

Having installed many applications over the course of my computer usage, I was well familiar with the likes of Search.US when it hijacked my browser. I cannot remember which application it came parasitically attached with but there it was. To my surprise however, I could not completely remove the app. Its annoying behavior of resetting my Firefox homepage to itself persisted no matter what I did.

I did many online searches and found that computer users everywhere were equally annoyed and troubled by Search.US hijacking their browsers. After running numerous anti-malware scans, anti-virus scans, trojan scans, I began exploring the website – out of sheer hopelessness. To my utter surprise, the solution lay right on the webpage.

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How to Remove Search.US 02

All one has to do is click on the “Uninstall” link at the bottom of the Search.US page. In the subsequent window, you must scroll down and download the utility labeled ResetBrowsers.exe.

How to Remove Search.US 03

After you have downloaded this utility, you must open it and all of your installed web browsers would be reset to their pre-Search.US states – a nifty solution. A summary of the browsers reset is shown in a small window that pops up after you run the utility.

How to Remove Search.US 04

This was one of the very rare cases in which the source of the malware provided a solution to the troubles that it was causing. I cannot decided whether to thank Search.US for creating the solution or to blame them for creating the problem in the first place. But one thing is for sure: if you follow the abovementioned steps, you will effectively remove this malware from hijacking your browsers.



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