Producteev: An Intelligent Group Task Manager with New Interface

We have plenty of online and desktop apps available to manage individual and group tasks of a project. It’s just like a reminder to indicate us on the right time to complete the job. Producteev is an one such web application, which helps users to manage their individual tasks and group tasks in a single place. It was launched a long time before but recently Producteev team has updated the entire interface and came with the support for different platforms. Also previously it was a premium application and you have to pay for the people you add on your groups but now the application is completely free and you can create tasks and add people as much as you want.


To start with Producteev, you need to sign up with your email id. Once you complete the sign up procedure you have to choose your network. Either you are going to use that application as an individual task manager or a group task manager. Actually you can create both individual tasks and group tasks separately after you start using it. Initially you just have to select one for your first project before you start. So once you choose your project type and select next, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the application. The interface is very simple to understand and you can create tasks in just few clicks. All you have do is, select the project, go to that empty text box on the middle of the page, name you task and press enter.

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All the tasks you have created on that particular project will be displayed in the order based on last modified time. To add more users to a particular project just click the “+” option in “People” on the left side panel and add their account ids. You can see the list of projects you have created, below the people column. Instead of all your tasks getting scattered, you can create labels in the application and organize them under the categories you want. Once you create a task it will be in active mode and after you click on the check box, it will be inactive and mark that as a completed task.


To create a new project, click the icon near the search bar in the top and select “New Network” to start the project. Give a name and choose the users or leave it as an individual project. It is pretty simple to use and understand especially when you are working as a team. One of the major advantages from its previous version is it supports all the major mobile and desktop platforms. It is available for Android, iOS, OSX and as a web app. So you can stay in touch with your tasks wherever you are. So sign up for this application today and give it a shot. Do share your experience with us in the comments and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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