How to Lock Your Mouse Along with Your PC When You Are Away

Nearly all modern workplaces nowadays require their employees to work on a computer in one way or another. If you use a Windows computer at work, then you almost certainly use the built-in lock hotkey that is provided by Windows: WindowsKey+L. This hotkey shortcut quickly locks your computer while you are away. However while the locking feature in Windows might restrict unwanted access to your PC, it does not ensure that nobody else is able to move your mouse pointer.

In order to implement lock your PC in a way that locks the mouse pointer as well, you can use a freeware application titled “Mouse Lock.”

Mouse Lock 01

Mouse Lock is a completely free to use desktop application that is compatible with Windows computers. The current version of the app works with 32-bit Windows. The function of the application is to lock your computer in a way that locks the mouse pointer as well. In order to use the application, simply download its executable file (that is sized at only 376 KB) and run it. You will be required to type in a password to lock and unlock the system; you will be required to type in the password a total of three times for confirmation. Clicking on the “Lock” button will then lock the app. The mouse will be pulled to the center of the screen and items other than the lock window on screen will be dimmed.

At this point, some of you might wonder the practical benefits of using a locking system that is independent from the built-in one provided by Windows. Mainly, there are three benefits to using this app over the native Windows lock functionality. These benefits are:

  1. In addition to having your system lock, you can restrict the motion of the mouse thereby completely disabling any unwanted system physical access.
  2. The app helps setup a password to lock and unlock it. It then logs the incorrect password attempts and shows all of them on a successful unlock. Thus when you unlock your system, you see if anybody else had been trying to unlock your computer.
  3. Because the locking is independent from the Windows lock feature, its password is independent of your login, and the system administrator is unable to unlock the computer.
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Mouse Lock 03

In addition to all of the above, you can access the app’s preferences from the “Advanced” button on its main interface to specify various settings such as setting the dim opacity level, enabling incorrect password attempt logging, and disabling task manager from running while your system is locked.

Mouse Lock 02

You can get “Mouse Lock” from here.



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