IObit Driver Booster: Easily Find and Update Outdated Drivers

There are many Windows users out there who are running outdated drivers for installed hardware. These drivers can often cause problems with latest software. This is precisely why you should be using an application called “IObit Driver Booster” – a tool that automatically searches for obsolete drivers on your system and automatically updates them to their latest versions.

IObit Driver Booster 1

IObit Driver Booster is an excellent piece of freeware that comes in an EXE installation file that is sized at nearly 5 MB. After you have installed the application, all you need to do is run. It will quickly scan the installed drivers and offer you driver updates, if there are any. From the image above, you can see what the app’s interface looks like. In the image you can see that a newer version was found for the driver of the Ethernet hardware. Against each new driver you get an Update button which you can use to update that particular driver. But the red “Update All” button on top updates all detected drivers that are old. Once the process is complete, you get something like the following image:

IObit Driver Booster 2

The completion of the update process is indicated and you are advised to reboot your computer to have the new driver changes take effect. A red Reboot button lets you quickly restart your computer. All of these helpful features are complemented by the option to have new driver version automatically scanned after a set time duration e.g. a week.

IObit Driver Booster 3

The app also facilitates you when it comes to specifying proxy details for the network connection that you are using.

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IObit Driver Booster 4

Overall, “IObit Driver Booster” is quite a useful application that perhaps all Windows users should keep installed on their systems.

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