Nimbus: An Excellent Screenshot Extension for Chrome

Screenshot is one of the primary requirement for most of the people who work with computers. Though we have plenty of web apps and desktop applications to take screenshots, people always expect for a handy and a light weighted application. Nimbus is one such application for Chrome, which helps users to take screenshots instantly right from their browser. Also it has an inbuilt image editor which gives you all the basic image editing stuffs. It works only with your browser not with desktop applications. Let’s have a look at the features of Nimbus Screen Capture tool for Chrome.


Once you download and install the application, you will see the Nimbus icon in the right corner of you browser. Click that icon and you will see the options as shown in the screenshot above. It has a very simple interface and pretty easy to understand. The first option “Visible part of the page”, will capture the screen excluding the tabs and the task bar. To make a custom selection you can use the “Selected Area” option in the extension. Instead of scrolling down and capturing the website in multiple parts, using “Entire Page” option you can capture the whole page with just a click.


The fourth option “Browser Window” will also take the screenshot of a particular area but to make an accurate selection use the “Selected area” option in the extension. To see the keyboard shortcuts for all the above said options and change the file type (.PNG, .JPEG, .BMP) of your screenshot click the “Options” button at the end of the drop down box. Next important part of the application is editing the Screenshot.

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Once you took a Screenshot, either it will automatically redirect you to the editor or it will give an option “edit” at the end your selected area. In the editor window, it has got all the basic image editing options like Crop, drawing tools, adding text, speech bubbles, etc. One of the very useful tool in the image editing section is “Blur”. People who work with advanced image editors like Photoshop,etc., can do it easily but for common users who don’t know such applications, Nimbus will be very helpful to easily blur a particular part of an image.


I personally like this application so much because I use a premium screen capture tool to get my work done but Nimbus do most of the works done by the premium applications. It is a must have application for all the Chrome users. Download and try this application on your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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