Easily Create a Backup of Your Call Logs in Android

Creating a back up of your Android device is very important. You can backup most of the contents of your Android phone but one of the few important things that the operating system does not allow you to save is the call logs. By default, the system keeps a log of the last 500 calls. If you even decide you need to backup you call logs, you cannot do so without the help of a third party application. One such app that can help you create a backup of your device is known as “Call Logs Backup & Restore”.

As the name of the application suggests, it allows users to create a backup of their call logs and save it to their smartphone memory (internal or external). The backups are created in XML format which can also be shared via email or save it on multiple cloud storage services. You can also schedule automatic backups of call logs. You can also clear your entire call history using the app as well.

To get started, go to Google Play Store and install Call Logs Backup & Restore on your Android device. Using the application is really simple and straightforward. When you will launch the application for the first time, it will show you a few options to create a backup of your call logs. Just tap on Backup and it will ask you to specify the name of the backup file as well as the desired location. You have the option to save the backup as XML file on your phone’s storage or sd card.

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The file can then be shared as well or saved in the cloud for backup purposes. Just tap on the three squares on top right corner of the screen and select send a file. Check the file you want to share along with its location, it can be sent via email or saved on cloud storage services. If you want, you can even delete your entire call history from within the app using the Delete Calls option.

The restore process is simple as well, just tap on Restore on the main screen and select the file which you want to save.


If you want, you can even schedule automatic backups weekly or monthly, depending on your need , from the application settings.


I used the app for a little while and I must say it does serve the purpose in an efficient manner. If you are looking for a simple way to create a backup of your call logs, it is recommended that you give this application a try.

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