CryptSync: Create an encrypted backup of your folders in Windows

People who are looking for a competent file encryption and synchronization solution for their system, will be glad to learn of the excellent application called “CryptSync.” The function of this app is to have you create folder pairs – one folder is the original whereas the other is its encrypted version. Both folders are kept synchronized with each other through a password you create. To share the contents with somebody else, you simply send them the encrypted folder. They then create a folder pair themselves using your earlier set password in order to view the original folder contents.

Cryptsync 1

The above mentioned workings of the application might sound slightly confusing at first but they really make a lot of sense once you begin using the application. Traditional encryption of files means that you encrypt a file once it is created; this encrypted file is the final version i.e. if the original file’s contents are changed, you must create a new encryption file. However with CryptSync, you simply keep modifying the original folder and have the contents synchronized to the encrypted folder through the app. All you need to do is install the application, open it, and specify the folder pairs along with an encryption password that you must remember. You can choose to encrypt the file names within the folders too.

Cryptsync 2

The result is something like in the image below. This image shows the original folder with its contents: a file titled Original File.docx.

Cryptsync 3

The following images show the encrypted version of the same folder. Notice how well the file title has been encrypted.

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Cryptsync 4

In conclusion, I must say that the application provides an extra layer of security to protect your files. Feel free to share your views if you tried CryptSync.

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