Wipe Away your Browser History in Just A Click using History Eraser

When it comes to the Internet, a person’s privacy also depends on the browser’s history. History is not only the website links but also the cookies, log in details, etc. It plays an important role in user’s privacy and security. Flash cookies are one of the dangerous part of the harmful websites. They remain in the browser and will secretly send the user data to the person who have created them. So it is always important to clear your history, flash cookies from your browser especially when you are using a shared computer. Today we are going to discuss about one such extension called “History Eraser” for Chrome, which not only deletes the history also the details which are harmful to user’s security.


You can download History Eraser using the link below. After you install the extension you  can see an eraser shaped icon at the right top corner of your browser. Click that icon to see the options in the extension. You will get a pop-up as shown in the screenshot below. It is an excellent extension where you can clear all your private data completely and it is very simple to understand. All the user related contents on the browser will be listed with a check box in two different categories. The first one is the basic user information and the second one is the advanced options.


Just go through all the options over the pop-up and select the ones which you need to delete it. This history eraser will make you understand how much of your personal information is handled by your browser. So that you will be aware of sharing your personal information online. In this extension, with just a click you can wipe away your browsing information, Cache, stored passwords, cookies and much more data of your browser. Advanced options provide you can safely close and reload all your tabs while deleting the browsing history. Also close the extension and chrome once it completes the process.

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The extra options provided in this extension is, you can clear the search requests you made on Google and enable secure search over the SSL encryption. Another important feature in History eraser is you can backup and restore all your browser data easily. This will help you to carry your browsing data between different devices. Also by using this extension you can lock the default history page on Chrome.

This is a must have extension for people who work online for a long time and concern more about the security. So try this extension in your browser and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading, please do share this post with your friends.

Download History Eraser for Chrome



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