Download Windows 8.1 Preview

It is near to a year now that Windows 8 has been released; despite over 10 months to release it has failed to gain significant traction of market share compared to Windows 7. The most criticism to Windows 8 has been missing start menu button and unusable metro screen for desktop PC. In fact most enterprises refused to upgrade to Windows 8, and the reason behind that is the do not want to spend time on teaching how to operate Windows 8, which is significantly different than its predecessors.

Windows 8.1

Microsoft has been listing and receiving feedback from Windows 8 users and the result of this is Windows 8.1, a fix for Windows 8, though Microsoft want to call it a refinement and better mix of metro and desktop ui. This time Microsoft has moved from their service pack release to rapid release cycle something which Apple has been doing to their Mac OS.

Windows 8.1 does come with some of the promising feature asked by windows users and the only way to know how much does that fix to Windows 8 is only by trying yourself.

Windows 8.1 preview is already available for download and you can instantly upgrade your Window 8 to Windows 8.1. But do keep in mind that this is the beta version of software and you will need to reinstall Windows 8 and then upgrade to final release of Windows 8.1 when it comes.

Download Windows 8.1.

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