How to Measure Your Computer’s Security with ‘OPSWAT Security Score’

While there are various tools available to measure your computer’s graphics, its speed, its memory operations, and data transfer, we do not have any tools to measure how secure our computers are. When somebody asks us how secure a computer is, we can begin listing the antivirus and antimalware applications we have installed however, that still does not provide other with a measure of security.

This problem is what “OPSWAT Security Score” aims to tackle and it does so quite effectively.

OPSWAT Security Score 1

OPSWAT Security Score is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with Windows computers. The application comes in an MSI setup file that is sized at nearly 5 MB. Once you download and install the application, you can open it to have your system’s security settings analyzed. A main window will open up that displays a pie chart for your computer security. In the center of the chart you will find an overall security score. Each part of the chart will denote the scoring of individual security aspects of your computer. When I ran the app on my computer the sections I saw included the following: firewall, hard disk encryption, patch management, backup, public file sharing, antivirus, and antiphishing.

OPSWAT Security Score 2

In the main pie chart, sections are of two types: the green pieces mean that a security aspect is handled properly by your computer; the other sections mean that the yellow area is being handled properly whereas the shaded region has room for improvement.

If you click on a section, it will expand its relevant view. On my system, for example, clicking on the antivirus section opened up details for my installed AVG application. The top left is where the app’s name is; the top right shows the application score; the bottom center pane is where you can get detailed information for the window you have opened. In case of antivirus apps, this information includes last definition update, threat detection history, and more.

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OPSWAT Security Score 3

There is an ‘i’ icon at the end of each setting that displays suggestions, if there are any, on how to improve the settings of that particular security aspect. All you have to do is place the mouse pointer on top of the ‘i’ icon, like in the image below.

OPSWAT Security Score 5

In conclusion, “OPSWAT Security Score” is a might application that provides you with a computer’s security analysis in a very easy way. You can quickly judge which points to focus on in order to strengthen your computer’s security against any type of attack.

You can get “OPSWAT Security Score” from here.



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