CloudCube: An Android App to Manage all your Cloud Data

Previously I wrote about a web application called “Doo“, which acts a hub for popular cloud services and a chrome extension to attach file to Gmail easily. Today I came with one such app for Android devices called CloudCube, which connects different cloud services into your account and access all the data from a single place. The application Doo which I’ve mentioned before, also has an Android app but the cloud services it supports is very less. CloudCube supports five major cloud services and you can easily access all your data wherever you are. Let’s have a look at the features and functions of CloudCube for Android.


You can download CloudCube from Playstore using the link at the end of this post. Once you download and install the application, in the home screen you will see six different categories. Tap the “Available storages” option to start connect your cloud accounts. Once you tap that you will get the list of cloud services. It supports Dropbox, Google drive, Sky drive, box and Yandex disc. So tap the option you need and enter your email and password of the cloud account to start using it. For instance, if you have connected Dropbox and Google drive, the available storages will be changed to “2”. So after you connect the cloud services, CloudCube will automatically start syncing your data.


CloudCube supports both upload and download of your cloud data. From the connected cloud services, you can upload your files from your Android device and download the data instantly. You can sync any folder from your Android device to the connected cloud services instantly. All the files you upload will be in a queue so that you can stop, resume or suspend them at any point of time. You can see those queued files in the “Current Activity” section on your home page. CloudCube lets you access files even when you are offline. There is an option called Indexing Files which will index those files in your phone and you can access them at any time you need.

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One of the important feature of this application is you can search multiple cloud data from a single place. Using the Search option on the app, you can search your data quickly in all the connected cloud services. Instead of logging in to all the cloud services and searching the data individually, you just sync all your data and search them instantly using CloudCube. Another important option is you can easily upload files, organize them, create folders and update on multiple accounts right from your mobile phone.

Though this application looks simple, it reduces half of your work on updating the data separately. If you find this application is cool, try this on your Android device and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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