Panolapse: Easily Create Time Lapse MP4 Videos From Your Still Images

If you do not know what time-lapse videos are, then do not worry – you have probably seen them hundreds of times during movies or television shows without knowing what they are actually called. These videos are basically still images of a certain location; when these images are passed as frames in a video, the illusion of time going by really fast is created. And this is what a time-lapse video is.

If you are into digital photography or are starting out with experimentation on time-lapse videos, you should definitely check out a nifty desktop app called Panolapse.

panolapse 1

Panolapse is a windows freeware that allows users to create time-lapse videos easily through a bunch of image frames that you already have. Before you start using the application, you must know that in order for it to work, your images must be of the same aspect ratio and the same dimensions. When you have such a set of images, you can download the app’s setup that comes in a zip archive that is sized at nearly 30 MB. You extract the contents and run the included exe file which does not require any installation. The next step is to add the images to the program. You will be prompted to enter the focal length and crop factor along with the lens type.

panolapse 2

In the main image screen, you are able to manipulate images by specifying their pan, tilt, and roll angled at the beginning and end of the frame. This can be done by entering values or by using your mouse to drag the images. Once you are done with this step, you can have the images rendered into an mp4 file. You can also output a mov  video or plain JPG images.

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panolapse 3

The progress of the rendering process is displayed within the application.

panolapse 4

And when all is done, you can simply play the video and enjoy your time-lapse output.

Given the complicated tools that are involved in time-lapse videos, this tool makes the creation of such videos very easy. If you are interesting in time-lapse videos and time-lapse photography, you should definitely give Panolapse a try.

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