Cleano: Clean Up Temporary Files And Custom Folders in Windows

Cleano is a nifty Windows utility that allows users to competently clean up your system’s temporary files and any custom folders. The app has a lot of cleaning options to choose from along with settings run the app when you log onto the computer or log off.

cleano 1

In order to start using this application, simply download the setup file, extract its contents and run the application. You will find numerous checkboxes to mark in order indicate what exactly you want cleaned. Some checkboxes have nested options such as that for the Internet Explorer web browser i.e. You can selectively clean the browser’s temporary files.

cleano 2

You can conveniently check all boxes in a single go by using the menu accessible from the bottom right of the application. The positions of your checkbox marks can be saved to be restored anytime from the application.

cleano 3

As for custom folders, you can specify as many as you want. These folders will be cleaned along with the checkboxes that you specify in the main application interface. The app lets you order the cleaning priority of the custom folders i.e. You can order the custom folders in the order in which they should be cleaned.

cleano 4

Finally, the service options of the application let you specify whether to run the app on system logon, the system logs off, or after a few seconds delay of the system log on. The app can also be set to automatically clean after a set time period has passed.

cleano 5

Overall, Cleano is a very simple and easy to use utility to get rid of temporary internet files from your system. Which tool do you use to clean up your system from unnecessary files? Share with us in the comments section below.

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