How to Generate Complex Passwords with ‘Awesome Password Generator’ [Windows]

Not too long ago, I was working on the security testing of an enterprise web application. We had to create new accounts on a website, sometimes manually and sometimes through automated scripts. In both of these situations, deciding what password to set for the account was always an important decision.

A strong password is important not only while testing application, but also while protecting our own email addresses, bank accounts, social media accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and practically anything that requires a passcode for access. Here to help you generate competent and complex passwords is the appropriately named ‘Awesome Password Generator.’

Awesome Password Generator 01

Awesome Password Generator is an excellent piece of freeware for Windows. The app really does live up to its name. You begin using it by downloading and installing its setup file that is sized at nearly 0.3 MB. You need not install the application to use it – simply extract and run the EXE file that is contained within the archive you download. Note that your system must have .NET Framework 4.0 installed for this application to work.

With the app open, its “Single password generation” section is opened by default and shown to you. You will find that this section lets you set the length of your password and options to selectively include lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and special characters. Optionally you can specify a custom charset that the generated passwords will adhere to. The app also provides its users with a dedicated section for the generation of Wi-Fi passwords. For these you get the same number of options along with the added feature of 256 bit WPA key.

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Awesome Password Generator 02

For people who are testing applications, Awesome Password Generator provides the feature to generate lots of passwords in a text file that you choose. Similar options as before for the generated password can be specified.

Awesome Password Generator 03

People working with scripts in different languages will greatly benefit from the command line options that are provided by this thorough application. The app even provides links to usage examples in batch, PowerShell, and C#.

Awesome Password Generator 04

As you can see, Awesome Password Generator truly is an ‘awesome’ application when it comes to generating a password. Whether it comes to creating a password for your new online account, your Wi-Fi network, or simply to test an application, this tool will prove to be more than satisfactory when the task is password generation.

You can check out the application by clicking here.



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