Coolpic: Gives A Funny Look to your Pictures on Facebook, Picasa and Flickr

Today people are having a great passion towards photo sharing, especially on social networking sites. Though they take a great shot, it has become mandatory to add some filters and vintage effects for great output. That’s why we have plenty of applications for desktops and smartphones. Previously I wrote about an image editor for Facebook and simple online image editor. Today I came with a new application called CoolPic , which is exclusively developed for the browsers. This application is available for all the leading browsers and it adds some funny effects and gestures to your pictures on Facebook and photo sharing sites.


You can download Coolpic using the link given below and install in your browser to start editing. It helps you to edit the pictures on your Facebook account  and currently it supports two major photo sharing sites Picasa and Flickr. Once you visit the official website of the application it will automatically identify your browser and offers you the extension to download. After installation, just log in to your Facebook, Picasa or Flickr account to start editing your pictures. Here I’ve given a sample image from my Facebook account. Either it is Facebook or those photo sharing sites, coolpic extension will be available on the side bar and it will appear only when you open the image.


To start editing a particular image click the Coolpic toolbar on your left side. You will get a pop up with few tools and your image at the center of the window. You will see some cool stuffs like headgears, facial hair, eye wear, props and speech bubbles. You can choose from all these categories and make your picture as funny as possible. You can edit only the existing images on your account. If you want to edit a new image, you have to upload it to any of those three web applications. After you complete editing, you can save that picture in your computer or you can share that on your wall right from the application.

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While sharing or editing the images, your original image will not be modified at any cost. So you can try on any of your images on these three accounts and share it with your friends. If the photo you are editing has some of your friends tagged in, the application will automatically re-tag them when it post the picture on your wall. You can use the help option at the right side of the window to know the instructions. If you want to remove Coolpic from your browser you can use the settings option below help to do that.

Coolpic is an great extension to give a funny look to your pictures on Facebook, Picasa and Flickr. Right now it works with Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer. So download this application and surprise your friends with a funny look on your favorite pictures. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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