Add Events from Web Pages to Google Calendar [Chrome]

The average internet user comes across countless webpages online every day. Many of the pages that you see online include events along with their details. These details also mention the date of the event. There are only a limited number of ways in which you can mention a date’s format. Yet, you do not get a built in browser tool to have those dates automatically detected and perhaps added to your favorite events management app or calendar tool.

Fortunately for users of Google Chrome however, there is a tool that helps them out of this inconvenience. This tool automatically detects the dates that are on a webpage and it helps users add those dates to their calendar. The name of this application is “SpotOnIt Add to Calendar.”

SpotOnIt 1

SpotOnIt Add to Calendar” is a free to use browser tool that is compatible with Google Chrome. The function of this tool is to help people in detecting dates from webpage and adding them to their calendars. The calendar supported by this tool is Google Calendar. In order to get started, you must first install the extension onto your browser and then create an account on SpotOnIt. After this step, you will find a new icon placed on your browser’s address bar. From then onwards, you can click on this icon whenever you are on a webpage that includes a date. The date will be detected and a dropdown will show you the date along with its title and an option to add the date to your calendar (simply by clicking on it). You can optionally edit the parameters that are passed on to Google Calendar to create the event.

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SpotOnIt 2

Once the date has been added you see sharing buttons for the event appear in the same dropdown.

SpotOnIt 3

To access the added event any time, you can head on over to your Google Calendar and find your event added on the date that the extension detected.

SpotOnIt 4

Overall, this nifty little extension provides quite a convenient feature to Google Chrome users. Perhaps the developers of web browsers can learn a thing or two and incorporate this auto-date-detection feature in the next version of their respective browsers.

Download SpotOnIt – Add to Calender



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