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There is a problem with Windows that many people experience: after about 6 months or so of the OS’s installation, serious performance issues begin to surface. While you can try your best trying to iron out these creases in performance, the only sure-shot way of dealing with them is by reinstalling Windows on your computer.

While people are well aware of this solution, what discourages them from redoing their Windows is the fact that once it is done, they would have to re-download their favorite applications, and then reinstall all of them. Furthermore, there is also the risk of not remembering all of your favorite applications and ending up with a Windows setup that is not as ‘full’ as your previous setup.

To tackle this problem via a convenient and super-simple solution, a tool called “DDownloads” was created.

DDownloads 1

DDownloads is an excellent piece of freeware that is made for computers that are running the Windows operating system. The application’s name stands for “Direct Downloads” and that is precisely what it does. It provides you with a vast array of PC application names along with the feature of directly downloading their setup files and running them. In order to begin using the application, you must first download and install its setup files from its site; the setup file is sized at less than 1 MB. When you install the app and open it, you will find PC applications listed alphabetically in the left pane; you can have these apps sorted categorically.

DDownloads 2

In order to get a setup for a particular file, all you have to do is click on its name from the pane on the left. Its corresponding information is loaded up into the right pane. Here you are able to share the application with friends, view information about its latest versions, view developer information, and see if there are any portable versions available.

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DDownloads 3

The right pane is also where you can simply download the setup file of the app and have it automatically run by clicking on the “Download & Run” button. Other downloading options that are provided to you include downloading from the app’s page or simply downloading its setup through DDownloads. In order to keep a list of your favorite applications, you can add apps to your list of favorites. This helps maintain list of applications that you like and serves as a guide whenever you want to reinstall your apps.

DDownloads 4

Overall, DDownloads provides an excellent convenience to Windows users through its simple feature of directly downloading application setup files outside of the web browser. You can test the app yourself and see what a breeze it is to install software through it.

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