Fess: Access your Google Bookmarks From a Menu in Firefox

There are very few web services that do a better job of saving online links than Google Bookmarks. I have been extensively using this app of Google’s for a very long time. The ability to associate my favorite websites with my Google account and easily access them whenever I want is a Google feature that I much appreciate.

To make things even sweeter, Google makes it possible to have your bookmarks stored in Google Bookmarks added to your Google Chrome web browser through a variety of tools. And it makes sense – both are Google products so they should support easy synchronization. But what about Firefox users? Why can Mozilla not benefit from the same easy access to Google Bookmarks?

Well, Firefox can definitely tap into Bookmarks with a tool called “Fess Google Bookmark Extension”.


Fess Google Bookmark Extension is a free to use browser add-on that is compatible with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The function of this tool is to add a menu onto your browser and then access the Google Bookmarks page. You need not authorize the application to tap into your Google settings because all it does is access bookmarks.google.com. So as long as you are signed into Google, the add-on will be able to show you your Google Bookmarks entries. These entries can be accessed from a newly added dropdown in the top right corner of the Firefox web browser. By hovering your mouse pointer over a link, you can view its exact URL appear.


A helpful row of buttons lets you easily manipulate your list of Google Bookmarks. Functions that are supported by these buttons including adding new bookmarks, editing existing bookmarks, and going to your Google Bookmarks interface.

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When you opt to add or edit a bookmark, you can specify its name, location, labels, and notes.


In this simple manner, you are able to access your Google Bookmarks from your Mozilla Firefox web browser. Some users complained that the add-on does not provide you with the access to your Firefox’s native bookmarks however, that is not the function of this tool to begin with. For Google Bookmarks users who have Firefox as their default browsers, this add-on is a must-have.

Download Fess for Firefox



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