RefreshPC: Restore Registry and Other Windows Settings

When it comes to computers, Windows is the most widely used operating system. Mac takes care of people in terms of keeping things simple and neat; Linux is for developers who know their way very well around computers; but Windows, the most popular OS, has users of all types. Many of these users do not know their computers very well and they end up improperly installing or removing applications. This step leads to a lot of broken registry keys or messed up system settings – all which adversely contributes to a system’s poor performance.

What the average Windows user needs is a simple yet effective tool that simply ‘resets’ things back to their working state. Developers of the OS have tried to offer something along these lines in the form of Windows Restore. But most people do not bother with setting a restore point therefore Windows Restore is not of much assistance to them. What will help such people is the nifty and lightweight tool called RefreshPC.

Refreshpc 1

RefreshPC is an excellent piece of freeware that comes as a desktop app for the Windows operating system. The function of this tool is to reset the Registry values and miscellaneous other system settings back to their default values which helps in getting rid of any recent system bugs of performance issues that you encounter. In order to start using the application, you must first download and install its tiny setup file that is sized at nearly 1 MB. One drawback of the application that you will notice right away is its attempting to reset your search engines to “Delta Search.” Therefore you might need to reset those engines in your browser back to their originals after you are done installing the app.

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When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to create a restore point. Do this right away. From then onwards whenever you open the app, you can “refresh” your PC through the app. This process includes automatically resetting your registry key values, automatically resetting your system services, automatically cleaning out your temporary folders, and cleaning out the prefetch files.

Refreshpc 2

After using the application, you will experience a quick and noticeable change in system performance and riddance from any performance issues that you were previously experiencing.

Thus if you are facing a slowing down of your PC, you should give RefreshPC a try and see how easily it can help iron out the creases in your PC’s performance.

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