FooTab: Helps Chrome to Load Quickly when it Crashes or Reboots

Browser Reboot and Crash is very common while you are browsing for a long time. Especially people who work online for a long time with more number of tabs open, browser crash or reboot can happen at any point of time. In Google Chrome, it has an intelligent tab restoring options but the problem is, it takes a lot of time to reload all your tabs. This is because it reloads all your tabs in a single time. In order to fix this issue and make your reboot faster, today I came with a new extension called FooTab for Chrome. This extension is not yet updated on the Chrome web app store, since it has got some interesting features let’s have a look at it.footab

FooTab is a very simple extension, which increases the Chrome’s rebooting speed by loading one tab at a time. Though you didn’t have this extension in Chrome web Store, still you can download it from the Source Forge website using the link at the end of this post. Once you download and install the application, it will embed in your browser and takes care of reboot or crashing. It will be very helpful for people who work online. After you install the application, no matter how many number tabs you have opened, if you browser get crashed or rebooted FooTab will quickly restart and restore your tabs.

As I said before, after your browser gets rebooted only one tab will be loaded. The tab which you are using before the crash will be considered as a primary tab and it will be the one loaded first. All the other tabs will be started loading after ten seconds. If you want any other tabs to load before that, just click that particular tab and it will be start loading. Though this application looks pretty simple, it will be very helpful for people who work with dozens of tabs in multiple windows.

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Due to constant updates from Google for Chrome, there are lots of beta versions are not really stabilized. In that case browser crash or reboot is very common. In those situations this application will be very helpful for the users. If Chrome is your primary browser and struggling with lots of tabs you can check the extensions for Chrome to organize your tabs. So don’t forget to try FooTab in your browser also share your experience with us in the comments. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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2 thoughts on “FooTab: Helps Chrome to Load Quickly when it Crashes or Reboots”

  1. Web Development Company i Pune

    Thanks For Sharing Information!!
    I was In Really Need Of That, as I have To Work Online For Hours & Suddenly Google Gave A Crash Message.

  2. Hi Prakash,
    I use Yandex Browser (compatible with Chrome) but it will not let me install unless it is in already in Chrome Extension Catalog or Opera Extensions Catalog
    Not sure if Opera charges also to post an extension?
    Or maybe bypass Yandex security?
    Any ideas appreciated!

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