Dashlane: An Excellent Security App and Password Manager Across Various Platforms

In Internet, Privacy and Security are the major factors. That’s why we have plenty of Security applications, Antivirus Software, VPNs, etc. Though we try to be secured as far as we can, hackers some how find the loop hole and steal our data. So more than the user’s side, the application should simple and powerful enough to fight againest all the threats on the Internet. Today I came with one such web app called Dashlane, which adds more security to your applications across various platforms. This web app can used as a security application for both desktop and mobile devices. Let’s have a look at the features and functions of Dashlane below.


Dashlane is basically a password managing application for various devices. Unlike other applications, it not just save your password and sync them between different devices, it will organize all your confidential information into separate categories. Dashlane is available for all the leading desktop and mobile platforms. For Windows and Mac, it is available as a separate application and you can dowload it from their official website. After installing the application, you can sync them to all the leading browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Also there is a separate application available for iOS and Android in App Store and Google Play respectively.


Once you download and install the Dashlane desktop application, you have to enter your email id and the master password. This master password is going to hold all your confidential information, so make sure it is strong, and you don’t forget it at any cost. If you forget the master password there is no way to recover it. What if someone know your master password ? Don’t worry about it, Dashlane has two step verification. After you enter the master password, you have to enter a code you received in your mobile phone. So until someone knows your password and have your mobile phone, there is no way of stealing your data.

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Once you complete the registration, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the application. It will show you the list of categories to save your data. You can save your login details, passwords, confidetial email ids, phone numbers, card numbers, etc. Dashlane has a eWallet, which will help you to maintain the banking details, payments you have made, credit card details, etc. Also you can save the receipts you want to maintain confidentially. The premium account of this application costs around $20/year. So if you like the free version, you can switch to premium and enjoy much more services. Thanks for reading, do try this application and share your experience with us in the comment box. Also share this post with your friends.

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3 thoughts on “Dashlane: An Excellent Security App and Password Manager Across Various Platforms”

  1. hmm.working nice in my pc..i have only Chrome and IE9 as of now..
    A question, if now, I install firefox, will the app need to be re-installed to connect to Facebook as well or not?

  2. No not needed, the application will automatically sync with your firefox browser. Thanks for your comments :)

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