How to Backup Facebook and Instagram Photos with ‘Social Downloader’

Your images are easy to share with online friends, if they are already stored in the cloud. But there are many reasons why you should use “Social Downloader” to create an offline backup of your online images.

Facebook and Instagram are perhaps the leading web services when it comes to sharing our everyday photos with friends. While both of these services provide you with a good online system to upload your images and store them in the cloud, you should always have an offline backup of the images that you upload. You might need to unexpectedly show somebody a picture of yours; if the image is in your Facebook/Instagram account and you forgot its password, you would have to jump through a few hurdles before you could gain access to your image. Such a problem would not be faced if your image was stored offline. Offline images also feature faster viewing speeds (response times) and protection against accidental online losses (for example, if Instagram loses your images from its database as an effect of any mishap).

Creating this offline backup of your online image is something that an called “Social Downloader” helps you do.

Social Downloader 01

This application comes in a setup file size of nearly 3 MB. Once you download and install the setup file, you can connect your Facebook as well as Instagram accounts with the service; there is also a Twitter tab in the application which hints that Twitter support will be following very soon in future versions. Once your accounts are connected, you can use the left pane to navigate to your photo albums or your friends’ photo albums (only the albums that you have access to).

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Social Downloader 02

In the right pane, a user is able to mark checkboxes against the image that he / she wants to download. If you want to download all images, you can skip the checkbox-marking and simply click on the “Download All” button. The download of the images commences and once it is complete, you are able to view it in its destination directory.

Social Downloader 03

The right pane also provides you with the direct viewing URLs of the images through the View links. The size of the thumbnails and the reversal of the checkbox marks are also features that can be controlled from the right pane.

All of these features and the friendly interface that they are packed in, make this application a breeze to use and a must-have for creating offline backups of your Facebook and Instagram images.

You can get “Social Downloader” from here.



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