Flask: Create To-Do Lists Online Without Signing Up

Creating the list of tasks you need to complete can increase the productivity of any user. If you search the internet, you will come across a number of online tools and utilities that can help you create lists and set up reminders so that you do not forget. However, most of these tools are either paid or simply too difficult to operate. If you are looking for a simple online utility to create to do lists without signing up for any account, give Flask a try.

Flask is a very useful online utility that allows users to create to do lists online. The best thing about the service is that you do not have to go through annoying registration procedures. All you have to do is visit Flask homepage and start creating the list of tasks you need to complete. Although the service does offer free accounts which can be used to store multiple lists.

Using Flask

To get started, simply visit Flask and start writing the tasks you need to complete. After adding tasks, you will notice that the URL will change. You can save that URL so that you can access it from any browser or device, or in case you want to create a new list without signing up for an account. You can also create different colour codes. Just bring your cursor on the task and click on the wheel icon. From there, you will be able to select different colour codes.


If you want, you can share the list with your friends or anyone you want by copying the URL from your browser or you can just click on Share List and it will show you different options. Apart from that, you can even embed the list on your website or send it to anyone via email. After completing any task, just tick the box right next to the task and it will remove it from the list. Though you will still be able to view it at the end of the list.



Flask is a very simple and easy to use online task manager. The service even has a mobile friendly site so you can open it up in any mobile browser and start making lists. If you like the service and want to manage multiple lists, you can sign up for an account on Flask as well. Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried Flask.

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