Get Metro Style Tab Page for Google Chrome with iStart

One thing which I really like about Windows 8 is the metro style dashboard. In the past, we did covert a number of extensions for Google Chrome that allows users to customize new tab page. If you want to give your Google Chrome new tab page a metro style look, try iStart for Google Chrome. iStart for Google Chrome allows users to transform the new tab page into metro style tiles.

Go to Chrome Web Store and install iStart extension for Google Chrome. Once installed, just open a new tab and you will be shown a metro style page with tiles that contain links to your favourite websites, social networks and installed apps.

iStart 1

If you want to customize the look of the new tab page, you can easily do so by enabling the edit mode. When you will enable the edit mode, it will display a wheel icon and a delete icon within every tile. You can customize the label of each tile, edit it or delete it from the new tab page. if you want, you can even add new bookmarks, links and widgets to the new tab page as well.

iStart 2

Click on the wheel icon on the top right corner and select Add New Link/Favorite. It will ask you to name the label. You can even select the tile colour or upload any icon you want. Click on save when you are done with the editing.

iStart 3

In conclusion, I must say that if you are looking for a different way to customize their new tab page. It provides users with a simple way to access the most visited websites and applications as well. Did you try iStart for Google Chrome, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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