Pingbox Helps You Find New People on WhatsApp and other Instant Messengers on iPhone

Instant messengers are one of the important applications for Smartphones. For iPhone we have a default messenger called iMessage, but unfortunately it can be used only between the iDevices. That’s why we have plenty of third party messengers like WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, etc., were available on the app store. These applications connects various mobile platforms and helps to share text messages, audio, video and image files between your friends. It reduces  the SMS and MMS call rates also you can send the files and text messages to anywhere in the world.

By default these applications were limited to share your text messages within your contacts. People who want to go more social and find some new people, who are using the same messenger, can try this application called Pingbox for iPhone. It supports five different messengers WhatsApp, Kakao, WeChat, Line and Kik. It is not like connecting your accounts with the application. All you need to do is just add your id of any messenger listed above and start your conversation with people who have already registered their ids with the application.


Pingbox has a very simple interface and easy to understand. You can easily find new people based on various search options. In this application, you have a feature called “Shake” which just identifies your location and suggest you the ids in the same location. Either you can choose your city or even the whole country to find the ids in Pingbox. If you wish others to contact you, just put a general message on your profile and people who are interested will contact you. There is also a “Nearby” feature, which identifies people who are nearby your location and show up their ids. The “Shake” and “Nearby” sounds similar but Shake will cover a huge area where as Nearby will find people who stay closer to your location.

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One more important option in the application is you can make your id either private or public. If you want all your ids to stay private, you can change them to private mode, so that other people on Pingbox can send you the chat request to connect with your account. Apart from being social, this feature adds some security to your privacy and protects you from unwanted messages. Once you find an id, you can ping them using the application and if the person is interested, you can add them to your messenger and continue the conversation.

This application is not for people who concern more about their privacy. This is only for people who want to meet new people and talk to them. So these are features of Pingbox application. Take your iPhone right now, download the application because it is completely free and meet new people online. Also share your experience with us in the comments and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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