Postpone: An Intelligent Web App to Manage your Tasks

When we have so many important things to do at a same time, it’s usual that we forget something and get messed up. In order to get rid of these things we have plenty of task management applications available for Smartphones and Computers. Today I came with one such application with a different concept to manage your tasks easily. Postpone is a new web app, which helps users to know what they need to do right now. Based on the priority of tasks, it will create a reminder and helps you to finish that on time. So let’s have a brief look over the features and functions of the Postpone application.

Before you sign up for the website, you need a Beta Access code to proceed further. So when you reach the sign up page and scroll down, you can see a big text box where you need to enter your email id to get the beta access code in your email. Only after you get the access code, you can sign up for the application but this may take up to one month to get the code. Once you complete the sign up procedure, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the application. The interface of the application is very simple so you can easily add and manage your tasks.

If you have used the Mailbox app for iOS, you can see some of the similar things here in this application. Whenever you assign a task in the application, you can set a reminder. The reminder of this application is very similar to the reminder of Mailbox app for iOS. You have a separate snooze box, check box and an hour glass for each and every task and rearrange them easily by just drag and drop. When you enter into your dashboard, you will not see all the tasks, only tasks for that particular time period will be displayed. So you can change the priority of tasks using the little hour glass and snooze them at whatever time you want.

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It doesn’t end with snoozing the task, you can also assign the application to send an email when that particular task comes to the main task box. So it will help you to complete the tasks on time. Also, you have plenty of inbuilt options to postpone your tasks to a specific time based on various factors. You can group various tasks using the workspace option in the application. It gives a clutter free task management. Postpone is available as an extension for all the leading browsers and as an app iOS devices and Mac. You can download the extension and the app from their website.

Instead of reminders, you create a task and postpone it using this application. This application is very simple and sync your tasks between different devices. This application is in beta stage, so as of now sign up for the beta access code. Once you get it, try the application and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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