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We all know Podcast is an episodes or a series of audio files based on a specific topic. It is just like an offline radio, where you can download and carry in your portable digital media players. Podcast can be of anything, either it can be an audio, video or even a PDF file but mostly audio files are referred to as Podcasts. Today I came with an interesting web application called “Podcastomatic” which helps users to convert any article from a blog or a website into a Podcast in just seconds. Excellent isn’t it ? Instead of straining your eyes on the computer, just make it is an audio and enjoy the article in your headphones or in the speakers.


There are plenty of applications available to read the text in a website but that makes you stick to a single device. Podcasts are not like that, it is supported by all the Smartphones, Portable Media Players, etc. If you are having an iPod, this application will be very helpful because the word Podcast came into existence after the popularity of Apple iPod, so it will be a great platform to organize and enjoy all your podcast files.


Using Podcastomatic is very simple. You can visit the website using the link at the end of this post. Once you enter into the site, you will see a big blank text box which asks you to enter the website or blog’s url to fetch the links. After you hit the “Go” button, you can see a progress bar in your window, which will show you the conversion of text into audio files. The text-to-speech technology is integrated with the Podcastomatic to do this. It will automatically convert all the the recent posts into audio files and will give you a separate link to download the files. Also it will give you a link to subscribe for that particular blog in iTunes. This will pull all the updates from that blog to your iTunes Podcast list.

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So if you want to convert different blog articles into Podcast, you can convert them as separate episodes and listen to them in your iTunes. This is a great application for Podcast lovers and iOS users. Also you can use this as a normal audio file in any digital media players or smartphones to listen to your articles. So give a shot on Podcastomatic and share your experience with us in the comments. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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