Instantly Upload your Gmail Attachments to Cloud Storages Using Kloudless

Recently I wrote about different type of web services and Chrome extensions which helps users to do more with their cloud services. Using those applications you can easily attach files from any cloud storage to Gmail, access all your cloud data in a single place, carry your cloud data in Smartphones and much more. So Cloud storage has become one of the primary storage for accessing data from different places. Today I came with an interesting application for chrome called Kloudless which helps to upload the Gmail attachments automatically to the connected cloud services.

You can download this extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once you install the app, it will ask you to sign in to your Gmail account or else it will use the default account connected with your Chrome. You can also connect multiple gmail accounts with this application. So once you sign in to your account, it will pop up a window to connect your Gmail account to Kloudless. Click “Connect your Email to Start” option to connect the cloud services with your Gmail account. Then it will show you the list of things it will use from your Gmail account. Just click “Accept” to continue.


Once you connect the Kloudless with your account, a separate control panel will be available to manage the application. In that control panel you will have three different tabs to manage the cloud services and Kloudless options in your Gmail account. In the first tab “Account”, you can see all the connected Gmail accounts. The second tab is pretty important where you will connect your cloud accounts. As of now it supports only three main cloud services like dropbox, box and Google drive. You can see all the three app icons on that tab, just click and enter your log in details, it will be automatically connected.

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So once you connect the cloud services with your Gmail account, you don’t need to bother about the attachments on your email. You may keep many emails on the inbox for the attachments. Now you just upload that file to your cloud account and delete the emails. It will save your email space as well as stores all the data in a single place for easy reference. The third tab on that Kloudless window is the important functionality of the application. Here you can create up to 10 rules to automate the process in handling your email attachments.


For instance, you can automate the process of copying files in to specific folder using this option. So like copying you can also automate edit, delete and much more options in your Gmail attachments. Also when you compose a new mail, you can attach files from Kloudless using the icon near to attach files option. It is a must have application for all the Gmail and Chrome users which makes handling your attachments simple than before. Try this extension in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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