URL2JPEG: A Light Weight Screen Capture Application For Windows

There are plenty of screen capturing tools available on the Internet. One of the biggest disadvantage of many tools is, either it will be very costly or it won’t be efficient enough. So today I came with a new light weight screen capture tool for Windows operating system called URL2JPEG. It is really an efficient application with plenty of options and you can download it for free. It is a desktop application, where you can take screenshots of a website using various options. It can be used only for website not for taking screenshots on any desktop applications. Let’s have a brief look over the features and functions of URL2JPEG.


You can download this application using the link at the end of this post. Once you install the application, you will get a dashboard as shown in the screenshot above. Using this app you can screen capture a website in three different ways. First one, you can take the screenshot of an entire website using the URL. As shown in the screenshot above, enter the URL in that white box and click Go. You will get preview of the entire web page in that window. You can choose the resolution from the drop down box below and easily save the entire web page in your computer. If you want to save an important article in a website, you can use this tool to save it quickly.


The second option is you can choose the area manually and take the screen shot of that web page. For that the procedure is same, enter the website URL and click Go. After you get the preview you need to  click on the “capture bitmap” option on the window. It will redirect you to the next tab “Capture” where you can manually select the area of the web page and take a screenshot. The third option is the most important one. It will be very helpful for web masters and designers. In this option you can capture the part of a web page using the HTML tags.

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After you go to the Capture Tab, you can see two options on the left side panel. It is “Capture Full Page” and “Capture Manual Zone”. Select “Capture Manual Zone” to see the HTML Tags in that particular web page. You can click on the tags you want and capture them separately. One more option in this application is Scripting. In this you can see all the selected web pages along with the script. Also you can insert any XML file to take screenshots. It is a very light weighted application and comes with plenty of options for people who work on Screen captures.


It is a must have application for web masters and designers for instant screenshots. So you too give a shot and share your experience with us in the comments. If  you have any favorite screen capture application for Windows let me know and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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