How to Generate HTML Pages in Windows to Showcase Images Online

For the average internet surfer, online websites become quickly boring if they do not have any images. Thus web developers do their best to include images and visual art to their site designs. If you are using a helpful site platform such as WordPress or Blogger, you will get a wide variety of options to upload your images and orient them in a particular way on a site webpage of yours. There are numerous plugins that let you perform this very task. But if you are creating your entire site in bare HTML from scratch, you will need to code up the required lines in order to show your images online. For a standard image viewing interface, you will need to show the site’s visitor a list of image thumbnails; when the user clicks on these thumbnails, he / she should be shown the magnified version of the picture that he / she clicks on. If you know HTML, then you realize that coding up these lines can take a considerable amount of time. But if you are developing using a Windows machine, this task can be made much easier using a tool called “Web Picture Creator.”

Web Picture Creator 01

“Web Picture Creator” is an excellent piece of freeware for web developers who are using a Windows machine to code up HTML websites. The function of the application to help you quickly get an image showcase interface that basically provides a list of image thumbnails to visitors for them to click on images and magnify them. The app comes in an installation package that is sized at nearly 0.6 MB. Once the app is installed, you can drag your images into it – the images that you want to show to the visitor. When you click on an image in the list, options are enabled that let you sort the images, rotate the image, resize the images according to percentage or a specific width or height, and setup thumbnail options for the image (either by percentage or by setting the maximum height or width of the thumbnails).

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Web Picture Creator 02

You can also specify the details for the text that will be accompanying the photo showcase interface. You can specify a name for the album, the title of the images page, copyright text, the background color, your email address, and website URL.

Web Picture Creator 03

With your settings complete, you will be able to generate a webpage that is saved locally along with the necessary files you need to incorporate the interface in your project. You can test it all by opening up the files in your browser, clicking on the image thumbnails, and seeing them magnified – just like your site visitors would.

Web Picture Creator 04

Clearly, “Web Picture Creator” makes image handling much easier for the HTML developer. Developers who are reading this should definitely take the app for a test drive – they will not be disappointed!

You can check out “Web Picture Creator” over here.



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