How to Monitor Active Tasks, Startup Programs, and Other Useful Info on Windows

You will find that the average computer user of Windows will not know much about the processes running on his computer. And it is because he / she does not have this knowledge that their computer often lags in performance and overall speed. There are numerous desktop tools that can be used by such people to see what is actually happening in their system. This “actually happening” refers to running services, startup programs, scheduled tasks, and a lot more. For many of these tasks, you can use tools that are included in Windows. For example, to see the startup programs, just type “msconfig” in the Run dialog box and head on over to the startup programs in the window that subsequently appears. But if you are looking for a one-stop solution for the problem i.e. one tool that shows you all processes and other useful information, you should check out the highly useful desktop app called “WinPatrol.”

WinPatrol 01

WinPatrol is a highly useful desktop app for Windows computers that provides you with valuable information about the processes on your computer. The app comes in an installation package that is sized at nearly 0.9 MB. When you open the app after installing it you can click on the Active Tasks tab to check out which processes are currently running. By highlighting a process and clicking on the “Kill Task” button at the bottom, you can terminate the process that you highlight. The Recent tab shows you recent processes that were run. You can find out if a new process is detected and in case you are facing malware issues, you will immediately learn which process was the root of the problem.

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WinPatrol 02

The Startup Programs tab is self-explanatory. In this list you can conveniently highlight a particular process by clicking on it and then click on the “Disable” button to stop the process from initiating when you turn on your computer. You can also add startup processes in this list.

WinPatrol 03

I recently covered an app that helps delay startup programs for a speedier Windows startup. This function also comes inbuilt with WinPatrol. You can add a new process in the “Delayed Start” tab to have it delayed by a certain time period.

WinPatrol 04

Similarly in the application, you will find various other tabs that help users effectively view valuable system information and modify it to speed up or better their computer’s performance. For anybody looking to enhance their Windows experience, WinPatrol is highly recommended.

You can get WinPatrol from here.



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