Jaangle: An Open Source App to Conveniently Play Music [Windows]

If you have been using your computer for more than just a couple of years, then you probably have gone through a good number of media players. Typically, Windows users will first of all try and test the Windows Media Player. Once they are tired of it and looking for an alternative they will perhaps experiment with Winamp or the RealPlayer – those two are the most popular options amongst my Windows using friends. But these players and similar ones either lack the simplicity a user desires or they take up too much of your system’s resources. If you are really looking for something new, effective, and (most of all) free to organize and play your music collection, you should definitely give “Jaangle” a try.

Jaangle 01

Jaangle is a tiny little player that comes in a setup package that is sized at nearly 2 MB. You can compare this setup size with that of the competing players and you will quickly be able to guess how little strain Jaangle will produce on your machine. After you install the application and open it, it will ask you to add your media folders to it. Immediately after this step, Jaangle will begin scanning the folders you add for music and this music will be populated in the left most pane of the application. The top left area shows you your music. This is also the place where you can easily sort your music, filter it, or look for any artist / album / song that you want.

Jaangle 02

In the bottom left corner of the application you will find your created playlists. This same area can be used to save your song collections as individual playlists to listen to whenever you want.

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Jaangle 03

In the right pane you will find actual track of the artist / album that you clicked on the left pane. This right pane includes detailed information about tracks along with their titles. There are shortcut icons present in front of track titles to simply play the song or queue it up in your current playlist.

Jaangle 04

A mini equalizer comes built into the media player. Its simple controls can be accessed and modified from the bottom right corner of the application.

Jaangle 05

In addition to all of this, the player supports hotkey shortcuts that can all be modified from its preferences.

Jaangle 06

As you can see, Jaangle offers a lot of punch in its tiny package. Any Windows users looking for a new type of media player will certainly not be disappointed. What is even better is that the player is open source! So if you are a developer and have a few ideas of your own, let your imagination loose and begin improving the player’s functions!

You can check out Jaangle over here.



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