Textdown: An Excellent Offline Text Editor For Chrome

There are plenty of online and offline text editors available on the Internet. A best text editor should give a distraction free environment to the writer. Previously I wrote about a web app for distraction free working and best web apps for writers. Today I came with a new extension called “Textdown” for Chrome, which brings a clean and distraction free environment for writers in the browser. Textdown was developed by a Brazilian App developer and the recent update has given a plenty of features from its previous versions. Let’s have a look at the features and functions of Textdown for Chrome.

You can download Textdown from the Chrome Web Store. Once you install the extension, you can open a new tab and click the Textdown icon to start using the app. Before you start writing, first you should give a name for your text file. Once you give a name you can start writing and your text file will be auto saved. The best part of this Textdown application is, you can access and edit your text files even in the offline mode. So you don’t need to worry about the Internet and you can start writing wherever you are.


It will be a great app for people who own a Chromebook. It works great with Chrome and you can work from wherever you want, even you don’t have an Internet. Not only for the writers, if you want to take a note of something quickly, you can use this Textdown app on your Google Chrome. It is an excellent application for distraction free writing where you have all the text editing options in a word processor. You have two different writing modes in this application. In normal mode, it will be like writing in a browser. In full screen, it will hide everything and give you a good writing interface on  your browser.

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You can see all the shortcuts for text editing and other options on the application using “CTRL+d”. This command will pop up a new window with a list of all the shortcuts available. Once you finish the article or in the middle, if you want to check it’s preview you can do it right from your browser using the shortcut keys. Without closing the window, you can see the preview side by side. You can tweak all the fonts, font size, line spacing, etc., in the Textdown settings. Even you can edit the preview template’s HTML and CSS coding in the settings.

Textdown application is completely customizable and a writer friendly app for Chrome. So try this application on Chrome and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



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